There are plenty of voices already speaking out for climate, environmental and species protection. I would like to add mine – and contribute to making this voice louder through the mix of my scientific university studies and journalistic-editorial experience. But more than that, I want to be a role model with my lifestyle to live by one’s own words.

Only when the last tree has been cleared,
the last river poisoned,
the last fish caught,
will you realise
that money cannot be eaten.

Wisdom of the Cree

As a natural scientist, i.e. an agroecologist, and an environmentalist, it is important to me to transport scientific knowledge to the population – not only in theory.

To inspire people, I decided to launch the blog Klimaplanet. Its special feature is that it is not limited to pure knowledge transfer. In opinion posts as well as literary texts, an approach to the topic is sought that goes beyond the purely factual level. Why? We know the facts. The facts are not enough. There needs to be a social component to it.